The Diversity Of Australia’s Music Scene


There is a lot to talk about when it comes to Australian music. It’s diversity which actually flows in different segments of Australian music culture. The Jazz phenomenon in the region comes from old days of James Morrison and Don Burrows, who introduced Jazz in such an innovative way that the Aussies could always vibe with. Similarly, the melodious folk was entered by brilliant Australian song writer and composer John Williamson who released the epic single “True Blue” in the 1980s. It became the song of the decade making Australian ears listen and inspire by a new concept of folk and bush together.


The golden era of Australian folk was more groomed by incredible song writers of that time. Name of Tex Morton is always remembered in that manner, who induced themes of endurance, drought, loneliness, and sadness into the Australian folk of that time. This is how time evolved themes of love, excitement and bliss moreover in Australian music culture.

The Australian popular music it is not just about most popular Australian songs of 2016 music charts of today, but it goes back to the era of John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John who gave pop the origin in the country. The interesting thing is that they introduced pop keeping alive the tones of classics and history altogether. Those were periods of 1960s and 70, when Australian pop started evolving and then period of 1990 when it evolved in the actual radical way. The format of pop music was signified by bands like Midnight Oil, INXS, and Crowded House who added themes of passion, love, rage and infatuation in Australian pop. They were in limelight as because their grip on the Australian culture and they kept entertaining elements of rock and roll and head banging in their manifestations. The trend of concerts was more common in the 1990s, when every single epic star was applauded at the carnival rock fest. As after the Australian pop evolved, the Aussies were now more familiar to the electronic style of music.  Regurgitator was gifted in that manner to Aussies, this was an artist bringing electronic guitars together with the traditional Australian drums and beat.